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February’s Mix Of Fire & Water: Leo Full Moon & Pisces New Moon

Of course, January had its own highlights and luminaries, and they were really intense! We had an eclipse that added to our woes and we all had a rough month. But February came to be nicer and lighter to us and we’re going to finally have a break from the crazy stuff.

When the Sun and the Moon are in restriction in the Zodiac, Full Moons happen. Frequently identifies with emotional energy and endings, most Full Moons will greatly affect us than New Moons.

The main Full Moon of the month happens on the 9th at 2:33 am ET. It will be at 20 degrees 0 minutes Lep. This Full Moon will be ascending in the sign of Leo which manages our hearts and all issues identified with it.

So because of this impact, under this Full Moon, we would be currently ready to communicate and anticipate more friendship. Indeed, even the contemplative people will turn very social and would look for new associations since Leo wants to make new companions!

If there’s anything you don’t feel associated with any longer, right now is the ideal opportunity to release it. If your heart isn’t in it, go where your heart guides you. Allow the love to stream.

This Moon will make us focus on things we love to do and not stress over our work. Except if we chip away at something fun, we will be totally occupied. Try to make your exhausting activity fun if you have to complete it. Also, the people who as of now love what they do will be spilling their guts and receive the rewards during this Full Moon.

Leo consistently favors us with magnificence and inventiveness and you may be propelled to wed those two to make something terrific! Try not to be apprehensive if you haven’t done it previously, simply let the Leo Moon assist you with finding your direction. Tune in to your heart and forego your stresses with this Leo Full Moon.

Pisces New Moon In February

Identified with high vitality and fresh starts, New Moons happen when the Sun and Moon structure conjunctions. That implies both these celestials are in precisely the same spot in the Zodiac.



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