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Each Zodiac Sign Has Its Top Relationship Deal Breaker

The humidity. You can’t stand a clingy or needy partner because you are extremely independent and like to live your own life outside of your relationship. You also like to have your own space and freedom, and you won’t tolerate being with someone who smothers you, even if they smother you with love.

Disrespect. You have too much pride and extremely high standards, so anyone who doesn’t respect will be kicked out of your life. No matter how much you love the person, you will never look at them the same way if they don’t respect you, even if you are joking.

Away. You can’t be with an antisocial person because you’re doing well in your active social life. You have many friends and acquaintances, and you need a partner who can deal with this kind of social pressure. An antisocial or quiet person does not fit your social and outgoing personality.

Data protection. You cannot be with someone who is private or secretive and who hides things from you. This is an emotional and intuitive sign: you want to be able to talk to your partner and help him or her when he or she is going through a difficult time, and you don’t want him or her to hide things from you. A person who doesn’t open up to you won’t be able to give you a strong emotional connection you want.

Shyness. You are the center of attention, and even if you can’t be with someone who steals your attention, you can’t be with someone who doesn’t at least try. You have confidence in yourself and want a partner who will challenge you in some way. If you are with someone who is shy or hesitant, you will feel that there is no tension or fire in the relationship, unlike someone who is a little more courageous.

Don’t worry. It’s about your career, your success, and your second choice. You want a partner who is on the same wavelength as you and who not only fulfills your goals and dreams but also has his or her own goals. If you have a passive or unambitious partner, you will always feel that something important is missing from your daily connection and conversations, because that is exactly what you like to talk about.

Negativity. You’re a positive person and you always think tomorrow will be a better day. That’s why you can’t stand a negative partner or someone who’s dramatic. You like to be surrounded by good vibes and good energy and being with someone who can take you is not a problem for you.

Lies. You can accept all of your partner’s mistakes, except the lying. Lying is a breach of contract and probably the quickest way to get lost, even if it’s only a blatant lie. You value honesty and transparency and will never forgive your partner for lying to you.



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