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A turning point in history: Astrological forecasts from 14 to 21 June 2020

Weekly Forecast Sagittarius: June 14-21, 2020

It is obvious that June will be a difficult month for everyone. With so many planets in retreat and two powerful eclipses, change and turmoil are no longer optional. This week promises to be a difficult week, as Mercury will reverse on Thursday 18 June, before the new lunar seismic eclipse, just before the solstice. The good news is that this will be the penultimate such eclipse in the next nine years. If you are in debt, face it and make a plan to pay off your debts. If your job is at stake, take time for plans B, C and D. If you have decided to take time off and work alone, make a plan and a practical timetable. During the seismic period, i.e. until 28 June, communication will be blurred and messages may change in a short time. Stay focused and wait for the dust of darkness to settle. Remember that no one has a complete overview yet.

Take responsibility for your own financial security.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: June 14-21, 2020

What a year, what a month, what a week for you, Capricorn! With the last two eclipses at Capricorn/Cancer on June 21 and July 5, which ended an extraordinary 18-month personal development, we are now really in the eclipse season. On Thursday, June 18, the communications planet Mercury slows down and turns to its opposite sign just before the June 21 eclipse. It is a definite end and a new beginning in your personal life. Keep the channels open, keep listening, keep engaging with your partner. The ball is on your field, and you can make a cartwheel every two seconds and change your mind, but wait and see. If it’s a business partner or an important contract, someone can leave or end the deal. Be prepared to be flexible, develop one or two contingency plans, and if one door closes, welcome the news when another opens.

You have the force of Jupiter and Pluto behind you to shift mountains.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: June 14-21, 2020

As an Aquarius in the powerful June Astrology, you can sense that events are happening around you, but not directly with you. Expect circumstances to change dramatically, possibly through a partner, which means you suddenly have to make new and different decisions. Nothing will be fixed, everything will change at full speed, so drop the plans and do it. The mighty new moon eclipse on June 21st, in the middle of the solstice, is in your sixth house of health, work and well-being. This is the penultimate in nine years. So if you have had health problems, you can find a solution or at least a new approach. A work project will come to an end and you will find something much more interesting, but do some research before you commit yourself. Since Mercury returns to full deception mode only a few days before the eclipse, you must be careful not to fall back into your old toxic habits.

The wind of change.

Weekly Fish Forecast: June 14-21, 2020

With the planet Mars in action on the drawing board, seeing Neptune in the distance, your creative energy should be at its peak. Either that or you’re lying on the couch and staring at too many boxes. This week we have the second of three eclipses, and lucky for you, it’s at a good angle to your sun in Fish. Since this cosmic placeholder is in the cancer-compatible watermark, just around the time of the June 21st solstice, it’s a great time to let the world know about one of your ideas, one of your projects, or one of your secondary venues to see if it can be maintained. It’s a priority to do more of what you love: play with the kids, take art classes, listen to music, anything that connects you to your heart. Since Mercury returns on the Thursday just before the eclipse, the usual deadlines will quickly disappear, and like a sea of fish from another world, it is a gift that allows you to live according to your own unique rhythm and flow.

Your inside child wants to come and play.


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