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A turning point in history: Astrological forecasts from 14 to 21 June 2020

A big week is coming up! We are in the middle of two eclipses, and already the collective dominoes of the first one, on June 5th, are revolving around us like statues and monuments in our streets. By increasing the energy, the seismic window is activated before the solstice eclipse of Sunday, July 14, and continues until the third eclipse on July 5th

In harlequin mode, Mercury will reverse on Thursday, June 18 until July 12 and return between 14-5 Cancer – the fake news machine will work overtime.

June 2020 Solar eclipse of the new moon 0° Cancer

Do you remember the great American eclipse of August 2017? Well, that mighty eclipse had nothing to do with this one. That eclipse caused remarkable natural disasters and put climate change at the top of the collective agenda. Enlarge this moment in time, and that’s where we’re going. Every 19 years, eclipses fall at or very close to the same degrees and at the same positions of the signs, and the last eclipse to reach exactly that degree was the one before September 11th, marking one of those turning points in history that in retrospect become before and after markers, and now that the United States is beginning its first karmic return of Pluto since the Founding Fathers and this eclipse falls on the American Venus, the next 6 months are going to bring a series of upheavals.

It takes place on the June solstice and presents a strong geophysical shock window that runs from June 14 to June 28. Integrated into the Mercury-Max cycle from June 4 to July 22, it resembles a strong storm and a seismic signal. The shadow moves over Africa, Asia, and peaks in China.

The Chandra Symbol for the Solar Eclipse


“One must be prepared for the mind to do its great work here. And all the steps and stages, all the learning and growth are already part of a dance that is guided, choreographed instrumentally by those who know how to do it. This energy wants a return to the natural, a restoration of old timeless forms. It tries to manifest a memory and a new dedication. There is this power of cosmic contemplation, a witness intelligence. The guiding principle is to unite with all humanity. So that which wants to come will be popular, obviously the next place to go, of course.”

It is a coronal solar eclipse in the axis of the world of 0 degrees Cancer in a powerful Great Cardinal Cross of the Bridges of Light, which strikes any planet or point of your natal chart between 25-30 degrees Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces and 0-5 degrees of the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. It is located in front of the source of the Galactic Center, indicating a period of strong karma and collective change. The Southern Destiny Node – the one you have to leave behind to grow – is connected to the karmic Galactic Center – whether you are ready or not, politics becomes personal with the changes ahead.

Cancer symbolizes home, so the question of belonging / not belonging is very strong. As the effects of darkness extend over the next 6 months, expect stronger and more emphatic collective demands for true equality, as well as losses/shocks in the housing and financial markets. Confusion and misinformation will abound as Neptune and Mars are joined by the slippery fish and Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto are in decline.

Emotions will flare up in a place of refuge when the change is known and you do not try to control events or other people. React rather than react, and don’t take it personally – life is life.

Aries Weekly Forecast: June 14-21, 2020

This 2nd of the 3 eclipses of this summer, on June 21st of the solstice, is the first cardinal sign of importance for you. The events between now and the end of July complete a complete cycle, as does the change of season. This cosmic joker concludes a phase of family life so that you can move on. It could be a child leaving home, your parents moving away or needing more care, or a change of country and lifestyle. This can lead to births or deaths. No matter how your life changes over the next six months, the circumstances around you will change, affecting your environment. Let go of everything that lies dead in the water and release all ties that bind you to a lifestyle that does not reflect who you are now.



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